What We Look For

Broad range of organizations providing dance:  Dizzy Feet seeks to support a wide variety of eligible organizations in order to increase access to dance education and to meet the needs of those children in under-served communities. In addition to standard non-profit organizations, Dizzy Feet also supports community programs offered by libraries, community centers, parks & recreation, social service agencies, and after school programs. Grants are awarded to other 501(c) (3) and governmental organizations, not to individuals or for-profit corporations.



What We Don’t Fund

In keeping with our mission, Dizzy Feet does not provide community funding for any of the following:

  • Applicants seeking support for scholarships or funding to allow selected students to attend their program.
  • Applicants seeking funding for school dance trips, extra-curricular activities, performances, or special events for students, unless otherwise agreed upon by the board as broader part of your application request.
  • Applicants seeking entry fees for schools/individuals to enter dance competitions.
  • Applicants seeking funds for dance books, ballet barres, costumes, dancewear, TVs, and other resources.

Whilst we understand the need for items outlined above for certain programs, these do not align with the goals of Dizzy Feet’s Community Program.

Variety in the types of dance programs offered:  Dizzy Feet aims to support programs in all styles of dance, as well as programs that offer diversity through delivery to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity (e.g., programs for differently abled, homeless, boys & dance, etc.).

Breadth of Reach:  One of the key criteria in evaluating applications is the number of students served. Naturally, Dizzy Feet wants its funding to support as many children as possible and to support organizations to make efficient and effective use of our resources.

Geographical Diversity:  Dizzy Feet supports programs across the United States and someday hopes to fund programs in all 50 states, particularly in under-served areas where opportunities for dance education may be more limited.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Applicants must eligible non-profit or governmental organizations and serve children under the age of 18. Beginning May 2016, all applicants must adhere to the following eligibility criteria to be able to apply for Community Funding:


  • Must reach at least 80% low income students
  • Minimum number of student served per year- 300 (this number refers to number of children in dance classes weekly and not audience members or information session attendees)
  • Must be a year round program, with dance classes at least once per week (e.g. not a one-time event/workshop or festival)
  • Cost per child to run the program must not be more than $100 (for the year)
  • Program must not charge the student the equivalent of more than $5 per class (asking for volunteer time is acceptable)
  • Must reach at least 25% boys
  • 90% of funds must be used to provide direct access to dance


  • Minimum of three (3)  years in operation
  • Overhead is less than 15% of total costs (Director salary, fundraising costs, marketing costs, administrative costs)
  • Must have published non-discrimination policy on basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Selection criteria includes, but are not limited to: the type of dance program offered to students, how children are able to access the program, teaching qualifications & experience of those directly teaching dance within the program and how the program is evaluated.

Funding of up to $20,000 can be awarded in Dizzy Feet’s sole discretion.  Dizzy Feet reserves the right not to award any grants in any given year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for a community program fund?

Please be sure to read the DFF guidelines for Community funding listed above which clearly outlinehow organizations qualify.

Does Dizzy Feet give community support to organizations outside the USA?

In keeping with our mission, Dizzy Feet works to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States. While we wish we could support deserving organizations/programs elsewhere in the world, there is still much work for DFF to do within the United States before we are can move our focus internationally.

Can public schools or school districts apply for your Community Program?


We know that school budgets are suffering under the current economy and that Arts programing is often in short supply for schools/districts. Provided that each school/district meets the eligibility criteria outlined above and is able to offer dance programing that satisfies DFF’s requirements, it is welcome to apply.

Can my dance studio apply for your Community Program?


Provided that your dance studio meets the eligibility criteria outlined (i.e., is a non-profit organization) and is able to offer dance programing that satisfied DFF’s requirements, you are welcome to apply.

We applied for a DFF Community Funding Grant in previous years and have been invited by DFF to apply again. Does this mean we will automatically receive funding since DFF has invited us reapply?

Unfortunately not. Each application is considered on its individual merits and in the context of all other applications received in that funding cycle.

Each year, DFF sends out an invitation to all previous applicants to let them know of the open application dates and welcomes them to apply again. However, this is not a guarantee for funding, as all successful funding is based on the strength of your organizations’ application amongst the pool of applicants in any given year.

Our organization needs new dance floors/costumes/ballet barres/money to enter our students for a national dance competition. Can you help us?

In keeping with our mission, Dizzy Feet does not fund community programs for any of these. Please refer to the information on WHAT WE DON’T FUND for a clear overview of what funding is not provided for.

Our organization/program is not registered as a 501(c)3 and does not have non-profit status. Can we still apply if we have a fiscal sponsor who is?

DFF wants to ensure that all funds are going directly to the programs we support. This is why DFF chooses only to work with eligible non-profit organizations and does not accept applications with a fiscal sponsor.

When to Apply


Currently, our foundation is undertaking a full year strategic planning process to review our mission/vision and programs. This includes the structure of our Community Grant program, eligibility and selection criteria.

As such, Community Grants will re-open in 2019 with information to be updated on our website in the new year. 

We understand how important funding is for programs and appreciate your patience as we move to this new phase of our organization.

After details of our new Community Grant program is made public, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


*Please Note: any individual submissions received outside the open application period will NOT be considered. All applications must be completed via the online application link, only made available on this website during the open application period.

How to Apply

Dizzy Feet Foundation has partnered with Acceptd, Inc. to act as host to our online Community Grant applications. The link to our online portal will go live on the first day of open applications each year.

Acceptd, Inc. (Acceptd) is a global leader in performing and visual arts recruitment and screening. They work with more than 500 programs in the US and internationally, including top performing arts programs such as The Juilliard School, the National YoungArts Foundation, American Ballet Theatre and the National Dance Education Organization. By utilizing Acceptd’s recruitment, marketing and audition management services, programs can connect with thousands of talented dancers worldwide. 

An account with Acceptd will need to created in order to submit an application. Applicants will be able to save & return  to their form throughout the application process. You will also be able to view and print your submitted application to keep on file. Once successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification from Acceptd to confirm it has been received. You can check messages about your application through your Acceptd account.

If you experience technical difficulties whilst submitting your application, please be sure to contact Acceptd’s support team directly by emailing support@getacceptd.com or calling 1-888-725-2122.


Applicants will receive a notification email from Acceptd once an application has been successfully submitted. As Dizzy Feet will also receive this notification, there is no need to confirm directly with Dizzy Feet.

All applicants are notified via email of the Board’s decision immediately following the review process.  Notification emails will be sent out via Acceptd with an additional email from Dizzy Feet’s Community email.


Dizzy Feet strives to balance supporting ongoing partners and broadening its partnership base. Previous Community Grant recipients are eligible to submit applications for renewal each year.

Previous funding recipients MUST, however, complete the required online application for each subsequent grant cycle. There is NO automatic reconsideration or renewal nor any guarantee of automatic funding for the following year. Dizzy Feet determines in its sole discretion whether or not continued funding will be awarded to any organization based on the strength of its application.

The Dizzy Feet Board, in its sole discretion, determines the total amount of grant funding given and the number of organizations supported in any given year.