National Dance Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in September.

We look forward to celebrating National Dance Day with you this year on

September 16th, 2023! 

What is National Dance Day?

Established in 2010 by American Dance Movement co-founder, Nigel Lythgoe, and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, National Dance Day is an annual celebration dedicated to dance, that encourages Americans of all ages to incorporate dance into their lives. By creating a focused day of celebration to show support for dance as a valuable form of exercise and of artistic expression, American Dance Movement aims to educate the public about dance and its many benefits, as well as make dance accessible and inclusive to everyone.

American Dance Movement (ADM) believes that participation in dance connects the mind and body, promotes health and wellbeing, connects us with others and enables us to find joy through dance and movement. National Dance Day (NDD) is a day of celebrating dance, in all its forms, and takes place annually on the third Saturday in September.

Accessible to everyone at every ability level, National Dance Day provides:

  • An instructional video, made available online, for people to view, learn and share with others wherever they are
  • American Dance Movement Co-Hosted events in two key cities, providing free dance classes and performances for all ages and skills levels, with information from a range of community dance organizations
  • Strong online presence, allowing everyone to participate, no matter where they are across America

The NDD Routine

Dance is a great way to get moving and stay healthy so we are proud to present this years routine. The routine is meant to be inclusive and accessible for all (dancers and non-dancers of all ages and skill levels) so please translate the routine as necessary and have fun. This year’s routine was choreographed by World of Dance Finalist and Youtube Sensation, Poppin John.

Central to ADM’s mission, is increasing exposure to dance (in all its forms) and highlighting dance’s many benefits. National Dance Day supports the realization of this mission by encouraging community partners across the United States to become involved and engaged with the day’s celebrations. Through this grassroots campaign, ADM hopes to encourage Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to move the body, maintain good health and bring joy to their life.

With participation growing every year, we’ve seen events registered in 35 states and online participation in the millions, through participants uploading and sharing their NDD videos.

National Dance Day offers free access to dance, supports diversity and inclusion, and encourages participants to celebrate the art of dance through movement.

Sharing Your Support for Dance

Social media is the perfect way to increase engagement and involvement on National Dance Day. Help us create awareness and get the nation dancing by using your social media outlets to share pictures, videos and personal reflections about dance.



Dance To Give Back

American Dance Movement has a mission to sponsor, fund and/or support dance education programs which expose children in underserved communities with access to the lifelong benefits of dance education through and with local community organizations.

To date, our community grants have:

  • Provided support to 89 dance programs in 32 states
  • With $1.2 million in funding grants
  • Given access to the life-long benefits of dance to 167,000+ children
  • 82% of those served from underserved communities
  • Supporting dance programming in school, through after-school instruction and social service agencies

Did you know that National Dance Day raises money for American Dance Movement and you can too?

Funding received through sponsorships and donations on National Dance Day provide the necessary support for our Community Programs.  American Dance Movement makes grants to community organizations and other tax-exempt entities in the United States, providing dance education programs to children in underserved communities within the US. Through its grant recipients, American Dance Movement seeks to give children the experience of dance, educate them about the many styles of dance, and to expose them to the lifelong benefits that dance has to offer.

In doing so, American Dance Movement is able to:

  • Increase access to high-quality dance education across the United States, through the community programs we fund
  • Support dance programs that provide an outlet for creative expression, benefiting children with life skills that go beyond the dance class
  • Increase appreciation for dance, the art of dance, and movement
  • Share the benefits and joy of dance, particularly to those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience it

Not only does National Dance Day provide free access to dance for everyone, it also allows the community to come together and raise money for a great cause.  Your fundraising event can help contribute to our shared vision and mission, and passion for dance. American Dance Movement will also formally recognize events who fundraise for the foundation on the National Dance Day page as an official “National Dance Day Supporter”.

Donating is Easy!

    1. Register your event on our National Dance Day Event Directory.
    2. When registering your event on our National Event Directory, let us know if you intend to fundraise at your event in support of American Dance Movement – whilst not compulsory, we appreciate any support given on our national day of dance. Find creative ways to raise money – the ideas on how to raise money are endless!
    3. Collect the money and count how much you have raised at the end of the event.
    4. Share your success!  Share your fundraising successes on social media and your support for making dance accessible
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2023 Partners / Official Co-Hosted Locations


The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 

(Click above for more information)

Events will begin at 10:30am

Reach Plaza

2:10pm – Poppin John, World of Dance Finalist and Youtube Sensation – Teach NDD Routine



Segerstrom Center for the Arts

(Click above for more information)

Events will begin at 1:15pm

Argyros Plaza

4 pm – Bailey Munoz, So You Think You Can Dance Winner, 16th Season – Teach NDD Routine

Please Note: American Dance Movement and National Dance Day logos are Trademarked logos. Outside of the official poster provided to registered events, these logos cannot be used by anyone outside of official National Dance Day Host Venues and/or Sponsors of American Dance Movement in any given year.  If you would like a copy of our Official National Dance Day Supporter Poster, please be sure to register your event. Poster graphics & design , whole or part, can also not be replicated or altered.