Our Mission

Our Mission

American Dance Movement builds healthy communities through dance by expanding access to dance and movement, educating about its benefits, and inspiring generations of dance enthusiasts.

Why is dance important?

    • Dancing is proven to lower stress, increase happiness, and increase mental health
    • Students develop skills, strategies, and knowledge in theatre and dance access cognitive, personal, and social domains that help them become more literate human beings.
    • Dancing is proven to produce higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life
    • Defined and specific movement activities in dance can positively impact early reading skills 
and language arts skills
    • When the arts are a major part of the school experience, students’ attendance rates rise dramatically
    • Dancing can stimulate the mind and ward off alzheimer’s, dementia, and keeps the brain active at all ages
    • Kinesthetic activities assists learners in overcoming problems with processing information
    • Dance can impact and even facilitate learning in other subject areas such as math, 
reading, science, and social studies
    • Dance activities provide deeper comprehension and more visible engagement in the learning process itself
  • Dancing is the only form of physical activity to offer protection against dementia